Links to Peace

Links to Peace


This is the beginning of a new project, and a new website.


Over time, as a result of the Tour, the site will fill with information and links regarding: 


  • UK Cities visited on the tour
  • Groups and Organisations working for Peace
  • People and Places of Peace
  • Peace Events, Conferences and Festivals


If you would like to participate in this evolving project, please send any relevant  contributions  via the email link below:

“A journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step”

UK Cities for Peace

The intention for the UK Cities for Peace Tour is to visit the 69 Cities of the UK and link up with people from all walks of life who are working towards peace. 


The idea is to create a resource for those interested in finding out about others working for peace and to encourage links, connections, networks, friendships, hubs, etc for everyone.

What can I do for Peace?

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“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”

World Harmony Peace Statue, Cardiff. #srichinmoy #peacecapital #worldharmonyrun

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What can I do for Peace?

So often the question is... “What can I do for Peace?” 


We feel overwhelmed and helpless. Seeing so much war and violence in the world and feeling unrest even in our own communities. 


Particularly at this time, there is such a need for more people to act and take part.  


Hopefully this resource might be one way where anyone can find out where and how they can be involved in peace processes, and to do that little something that may make a difference. 


There are so many ways we can contribute to peace in the world. We can sing, talk, write, walk, play, eat, cycle, run, drive and raise awareness. 


“Links to Peace” aims to create a resource to help people find ways of being involved with peace processes in their local communities. Even through the smallest contribution or connection, a real difference can be made for Peace.

The possibilities are endless...

Discover More…

The intention is also to encourage and promote a number of initiatives and groups:

“One Day One Choir” is a wonderful global initiative set up in 2014 to encourage people to get together in their communities and schools to sing for peace on the United Nations International Day of Peace, 21st September.


Please find out more and sign up to sing for peace with them here:

Other initiatives and groups include: 

“Cities of Peace”  and  “Mayors for Peace”